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Sep 25, 2020

The Fancounters Celebrity Podcast

Celebrity News: Katy Perry & Magic Johnson have stalkers

Celebrity Interview: Michael Devine is starring in the upcoming HBO series "The Undoing" with Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, and Donald Sutherland.  He's an actor with a packed resume and also a recently retired NYPD officer.


Sep 13, 2020

Brooke Bundy is an actress who has appeared on all kinds of classic television including The Brady Bunch, Gunsmoke, General Hospital, Charlie's Angels - and the hit film series Nightmare on Elm Street!  Brooke was also an child's acting agent discovering some of today's top Hollywood stars!

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Sep 4, 2020

Hosted by Nick & Elizabeth

Get an inside look at what it's like to produce projects like The New Leave It To Beaver, Asteroid, Columbo, Doctor Who, and CSI: Miami as we speak with Peter Ware.  We also talk about his worst project ever which wasn't Monster Shark (surprisingly), Peter Falk, Walter Matthau, Eric Roberts,...